LOWA ACTIVE Team Nina Schlesener

A passion for ice

Nina – actually Christina – Schlesener is truly a child of the mountains. Raised in the Schneib­steinhaus, a cabin owned by her parents and located in the middle of the Bercht­esgaden Alps, Nina formed an intensive, loving rela­tionship with the mountains during the early part of her life. It’s hardly surprising that she took all the standard paths to the summits during her youth. Afterwards, she needed a new challenge – and, at the age of 18, she discovered her passion for climbing. At that point, her whole life turned vertical – and it’s stayed that way.

Nina’s love of the mountains and her home fuelled her desire at an early stage to turn her hobby into a profession and to become a mountain guide. She passed the entrance exam straight away, completed the training programme in a record time of two years and became Germany’s youngest and Bercht­es­gaden’s only offi­cially certified mountain and ski guide.

During this time, her passion for climbing continued to intensify, and she dedicated herself to competitive ice climbing. She produced some amazing results in her very first competition, the Ice Climbing Festival in Kandersteg, Switzerland, in 2011. She finished third, behind the winner Ines Papert (a member of the LOWA PRO Team).

In addition to competitive and climbing adventures, Nina continues to focus primarily on the mountains and alpine chal­lenges. Her book, “Meine schönsten Touren rund um Bercht­esgaden/Bercht­esgaden – My Most Beautiful Tours”, gives addi­tional expression to her passion for the mountains and, in particular, her home.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Offi­cially certified mountain and ski guide
Favourite climbing site:
Local mountain:
1,76 m
70 kg

Nina Schlesener,
Do you have a role model?

“Our good friend and faithful rope partner Stefan Glowacz. He is an adventurer whose passion for climbing burns like a fire in his soul and never goes out. His motivation, his team spirit and his empathy are really contagious. They turn each day of climbing into a unique experience.”

Do you have any tips for young climbers?

“Your athletic results should be secondary. You should think more about the adventure itself and the experience of being outdoors and having a great time with your friends. Friends are the most important part of life. Spending a day of climbing with your best friends is worth much more than simply thinking about climbing from an athletic perspective.”

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