LOWA ACTIVE Team Roman Rohrmoser

Go outside and have fun

Roman Rohrmoser was born and raised in Zillertal, Tirol. His dad put him on skis at the age of two. Until he was 15 years old, he was an alpine racer and won a lot of national and inter­na­tional races and compet­itions.

Then it was time for a change and he followed his passion. Skiing off-piste, skiing powder and jumping off cliffs. His parents weren´t that happy at first, but soon they changed their mind when they saw how talented Roman was and got his first sponsor deals under his belt.

Roman skied on the Freeride Rookie Tour for the first 2 years, before the Freeride World Tour had been developed. When he felt he had enough of compet­itions, he decided to focus on photo and filmshoots and just freeskiing.

Over the last few years, he can boast segments in dozens of ski films with nearly every major production company on the planet, like Warren Miller Enter­tainment USA, Nimbusinde­pendent.com USA, Midiafilm, ServusTV.

He travels a lot, but is always glad to be back home to see his family, friends and enjoy mother-nature. Beeing out there is what he really loves to do. During summer time on his bike, surfboard, climbing, hiking or hunting.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Freeskier, Bike guide, Dad
Favourite climbing site:
Ziller Valley
Local mountain:
1,88 m
82 kg

Roman Rohrmoser,
What is for you the fascination in alpinism?

“For me, partic­ularly enthralling is the freedom, the serenity, and the possibility to go out into nature and simply tune out. In addition, it is important for me to know that I am out and about with the best products, ones that I can rely on.”

What importance does sport hold in your life?

“Let me say it this way: If I am just at home for two days, everybody is really quite happy when I finally get out to do something athletic. But of course, after the birth of my daughter, a few things changed of course, espe­cially when it comes to time management. Essen­tially, since I was able to turn sports from a hobby into a profession, it is definitely a bigger part of my life.”

What would your perfect day look like?

“A perfect day… A peaceful night where I am not awakened constantly. Then early in the morning, heading out, ideally to be able to see sunrise up top on the mountain to enjoy the first rays of the sun. Then to be back for breakfast at home. Then, simply going about all of the day-to-day stuff, spending time with my family, or even just taking care of super mundane office work. Otherwise, simply just spending the entire day on the mountain with family and friends. Does not matter if it is enjoying fresh powder, hiking, climbing, or just out in the fresh air.”

What three things should a hiker/alpinist always have in his or her pack?

“Emergency gear or first-aid kit. Also, a mobile phone with a fully charged battery would be good. And, thirdly, just being ready to have a little fun and joy in the outdoors and appre­ciating everything about it.”