LOWA PRO Team Rudi Hauser

Climbing as a natural vocation

At first glance, Rudolf “Rudi” Hauser may not strike you as a typical mountain climber. But once the climbing begins, the presumed “surfer look” sported by the Austrian native can no longer hide the man’s passion for mountains. There are very good reasons why the extreme athlete can be counted among Europe’s best profes­sional climbers – he’s a man who has made a name for himself with, among other things, his spec­tacular solo tours on rock and ice.

Rudi was a relative late bloomer to the sport, having discovered his passion for the vertical world at the advanced age of 19. But he quickly found his way to profes­sional climbing and moun­tain­eering – high-performance activities that he readily admits are propelled by the support he receives from his family and friends.

Hauser, a man who works on the side as a carpenter, celebrated one of his most spec­tacular successes with his solo climb of the frozen, 270-metre waterfall Supervisor (WI6), one of the most chal­lenging ice-climbing routes in Austria. Of course, he did it without leashes and the use of technical aides – and the whole climb took just one hour and 40 minutes. To put that into perspective: The rope team that became the first group to ascend the frozen waterfall in 1991 needed eight hours to pull off the feat! It was a performance that high­lights the physical and mental strength of the family man.

Facts & figures

Home base:
Bad Hofgastein
Offi­cially certified mountain and ski guide/film director
Favourite climbing site:
India Creek
Local mountain:
1,78 m
73 kg

Rudi Hauser,
How did the mountains change your life?

“The mountains have always been part of my life. I grew up surrounded by the Alps and my role models were my ancestors. It was never a question of starting with sport, more a question of getting stronger by experience and adventure.”

What was your greatest tour and why?

“The adventure of my life so far was a free solo climb of two 1000m big walls with high diffi­culties in 11 hours – connected by a 21km run. I tried to face my biggest fears, with all the consequences.”

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