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Die Wanderre­porterin

The theme of the blog Die Wanderre­porterin, or "the hiking reporter”, is quite simple: “Hiking with all senses”. But the blog does much more than muse about nature. It also is devoted to athletic chal­lenges, like hikes covering 24 hours, several days or many weeks. The Wanderre­porterin writes candidly, honestly and authen­tically about her exper­iences and emotions while she is out in nature. Her aim is to help readers to overcome their inhib­itions and pique their interest in hiking..

Die Wanderreporterin,
The blogger scene is steadily growing. What makes a good blogger to you?

“You have to write authen­tically about your own exper­iences of hiking, traveling, or in whatever speciality area you are active as a blogger. Ideally, you are well networked and share your reports on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. As a rule, it’s all about the intention – at least for me – to commu­nicate broadly. In the process, I can reach not only friends and acquaintances but also people whom I don’t even know, but then I can also excite them to do as I am doing. It is my goal to get people outside into nature.”

How did you become a blogger?

“By chance, really. Everything began with a job to walk the Way of St. James in the Palatinate and to write about it. At the same time, I also wrote daily on Facebook about my exper­iences on the trek. That was received really well, and I had to confront the suggestion after that to “do a blog!” That’s how the “WanderRe­porterin” was born. As a result, I determined that indeed my posts were being read and that there was a demand for my type of reporting – increasingly so.”

How did you end up part­nering with LOWA?

“Employees at LOWA saw photos of me on Instagram and contacted me. At the same time, I had commented on a post from LOWA and received an invitation to meet: “We would like to talk to you because your style and imagery fits LOWA.” In the end, we met at ISPO. Everything worked out. Since then, I am not only out and about as the “WanderRe­porterin” but also as a kind of brand ambassador for LOWA. That makes me very proud and I can also do this with full conviction. Why? Because I love my LOWAs.”

Lieblingstour Eifelsteig

My tour: Eifelsteig As the motto says: “Where rocks and water accompany you.” The Eifelsteig will take you on a journey across boulders, through caves, around maars and to volcanoes

Multiday hike
Start of the tour:
End of the tour:
118:00 hours
313 km
7.633 m
7.667 m
Hiking equipment, hiking boots
Our shoe tip:

I have never been as fascinated and touched emotionally by a hiking trail as I was by the Eifelsteig. During the 313-kilometre hike that winds through the low-elevation Eifel mountain range in western Germany, you experience the four elements of life – earth, fire, water and air – with unfor­gettable intensity. You have to tackle an elevation change of more than 15,000 metres. But it actually sounds much worse than it really is. The 15-stage Eifelsteig is suitable for every type of hiker. Boulders, caves, maars and volcanoes turn the trail that stretches from Korne­limünster to Trier into a real adventure.

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